Current Specials

Current Special for Classes:
Birthday, Anniversary, and private parties available for booking, call 814-201-2355

Soup Samples Monday February 13th 2017 12 Noon (EST). $10.00 per person. Must RSVP and pay in advance.
February 14 is Couples Night for dinner at Sip and Sauté by DeGennaro. Need five couples for Valentine’s Day Dinner which includes four courses and a champagne toast. $62.50 per couple.
Dinner is at 6:00 pm and you must register in advance at (814) 201-2355.


You name the class or foods you are interested in, call 814-201-2355
12 noon for lunch and 6 pm for dinner

Check out the classes HERE. Download the registration form HERE. (Must book 48 hours in advance).
Call (814) 201-2355 for a registration form. You must register 48 hours before each class.

Visit Sip and Saute by DeGennaro at 1654 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd. in Altoona, PA or call
1 (814) 201-2355 for more information.

All times are (EST)

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